motivational letter for bursary application | pdf | samples

motivational letter for bursary application | pdf | samples

Motivational letter for bursary is simply a simple essay or letter explaining why a company or organization such as funza lushaka or nsfas should award you a bursary. It also allows you the space to prove you actually need a bursary
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bursary application letter sample pdf


Judith Zuma
Mpunzi Street, Ext 27

Dear sir/Madam

I am very please to know that your company (eg nedbank / funza lushaka / nsfas) is helping students with financial difficulties to continue studying. I will like to say thanks a lot for this social corporate resposibilty which will go a long way to reduce the level of illetracy , increase the number of graduates and most importantly increase the number of skilled human resource  in the country.

My name is Judith zuma a second year student of Free state univeristy where am studying education. I believe for our country to develop rapidly we need to improve access and quality of education which will acquire more skilled teachers and so have dedicated my life to see this happen.

I am applying because i need financial support to continue my studies, i don’t have the means to further my studies and also my family is financially handicapped. I believe with your support i can continue dreaming big and see my dream be actualized. Thank you.


That was just a sample ,you can modify it to fit your reason for applying for the bursary

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