How to check your matric results online 2017

checking your matric results for 2017 academic year is very easy , we will guide you on how to check your 2017 matric results . Follow the guided below. The matric results were released in december but many people were busy celebrating their christmas , actually who will wont to check his/her results in december especially when there is a 50/50 percent of failure or pass .

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We want to first congratulate in advance those who passed their 2017 matric results, those who failed their 2017 exams please this is not the end of the world lots of great people failed on time in their life



IEB results: Midnight on Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018

NSC results: 5th of January 2018

check your matric result online 2017

The easiest way to check your matric results is through the online platform. Follow the guide below to check your matric results 2017 online

  • Log on to the Department of Basic Education’s website here.

You will need the following to log in:

  • Exam number (don’t misplace this during the holiday!)
  • Home Language
  • Your personal details (name, surname, etc.)

One thing you should no is that the site might be down because many people will also be checking their matric results , if that happens check again another time especially in the evening or at dawn as most people will be of the site by then

You can also check your matric results  on The IEB website and News24

check your matric results 2017 newspaper

You can check your matric results also via some of the popular newspapers in south africa. Some of the newspapers who publish matric results are  The RapportThe Argus and The Star.

Unfortunately checking your matric results 2017 through the newspapers doesnt reveal your full results , it just state whether you passed o fail thus – B for Bachelors PassD for Diploma, etc.

check your matric results 2017 school

Of course one of the most reliable places to check your matric results is to go to your school . The matric results 2017 will be released to various schools few days after it is officially released , the results are no the official results you will have to wait for some few months. What you get from your school is the results by subjects

check your matric results 2017 in sms

You can also check your matric results 2017 via sms  follow the steps below

You have two options:

  • Register via SMS
    • Send your ID number and exam number to 35658
    • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
    • SMSes cost R1 and free SMSes don’t apply
    • Get your results immediately when they are released
  • Use the USSD service
    • Dial *120*35658# on the release date
    • Answer a few multiple questions
    • Enter your ID number
    • You will get your results per subject
    • USSD rates apply

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